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Cascade Tree Works is your choice for trusted, quality tree service in the Woodland, WA area. Our knowledgeable and friendly ISA Certified Arborists are experts in tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, and tree preservation and cabling.

Tree Removal Services in Woodland Washington

Tree Pruning and Trimming Service

Tree pruning is necessary for two important reasons: maintenance and safety. Having an ISA certified arborist perform regular tree pruning services for your Woodland, WA property will keep your trees remain healthy and vibrant while keeping your property safe and free of potential hazards.

Damaged trees can be revitalized by expert tree trimming services, and young trees will benefit greatly from the structure that early pruning provides.

Professional Tree Removal

Tree removal should always be left to licensed professionals to ensure safe and competent removal. At first glance, tree removal may seem like a simple project; however, it is a complicated and potentially dangerous task best left to trained arborists.

Choosing a reputable tree contractor for tree removal services in Woodland, WA is extremely important for safe and competent removal. When you choose Cascade Tree Works for tree removal, you get an experienced arborist with years of experience conducting tree removal of all types, no matter the size or location–and you also get a fair price. We also offer firewood cutting services, and removal of any limbs and leftover debris.

Stump Grinding

Tree Removal Services in Woodland WashingtonUnsightly stumps are not only hard to look at, but they can also pose safety risks. Additionally, tree stumps also have the potential to attract unwanted pests, especially if they are near standing water.

If you want a tree stump removed on your property in Woodland, WA there are two common removal options: either grind the stump down or dig the stump up. Stump grinding is the most popular technique for stump removal as it minimizes upheaval of the ground. What’s more, stump grinding and removal also tends to be the most environmentally friendly method and is less labor intensive.

Emergency Tree Services

Severe weather often happens at inconvenient hours, but we’ve got you covered any time of day or night. The expert arborists at Cascade Tree Works are available around the clock to help when the need arises. We have an abundance of experience in working with fallen, damaged, and uprooted trees. No matter the location or damage, we can help–even in the middle of the night! Our emergency services are on a first come, first serve basis, as well as individual circumstances.

Tree Damage Evaluations

Have a damaged tree? Cascade Tree Works can evaluate compromised trees to determine the best course of action. We can provide and begin a complete restoration pruning plan, design and install a tree support system, or offer tree removal services for those that cannot be reasonably restored.

Tree Removal Services in Woodland Washington

Tree Preservation and Maintenance

We work hard to ensure that you can enjoy your trees for years to come. Our licensed and ISA Certified Arborists provide tree preservation, cabling, bracing, disease diagnosis, and tree health care plans in Woodland, WA and beyond.

If you have a tree that has been improperly pruned by means of topping, injured by weather, or simply appears to have a structural defect, we may be able to preserve and help reduce the potential for further damage with the installation of a mechanical support system.

Tree Service You Can Trust

Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our tree service team. We put honesty and integrity first and foremost no matter what.

If you’re in the Woodland, WA area and need tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, or tree preservation, call the experts at Cascade Tree Works today for an on-site consultation.

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Greg Richardson

Greg Richardson
Lic. #: CASCATW889CP
UBI #: 603-180-550
ISA Certified Arborist
CERT #: PN-76-70A
Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

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