Hazardous Tree Assessment in Vancouver, Washington

Hazard Tree Assessment

Cascade Tree Works offers Hazard Tree Assessment in Vancouver WA Camas Battle Ground

Trees, particularly large older ones in any yard should be checked annually or after every severe storm. There are hazardous defects that can destroy or damage a tree causing it to fail. Harsh storms make trees dangerous if they have defects or have been damaged by previous storms. Two conditions a Hazard Tree Assessment team can determine if a tree is hazardous to the surrounding environment.

  1. Is there a significant defect that may result in a tree, limb, or part of the tree falling?
  2. Will the hazardous tree damage a nearby object if it should fall? The objects could be a structure, power lines, fence, home, or even a person.

Care and Prevention

Care and prevention are the best solutions to avoid a hazardous problem. Healthy trees that receive regular care are less likely to become a danger. Trees give the home its character and offer shade in warm weather. The last thing a homeowner wants to do is cut down that cherished family tree if the tree does not need to be removed. In the end, ignoring a diseased tree can end up causing more problems for the home and the family. Large branches can also create havoc in the yard. There are several defects to look for in Danger Tree Assessments that could end up raising a tree’s hazardous level:

  • Loose or broken branches
  • Split trunk or codominant stem
  • Hollow and/or decayed trunks
  • Dead wood
  • Signs of degeneration or decay on any section of the tree
  • Insect damage
  • Sawdust along the base of tree
  • Root problems; decline or lack of vigor from the top down is often a good indicator of a root problem.
  • Man made wounds
  • The tree is leaning
  • Fungi-type mushrooms propagating at the base of the tree
  • Conks, and any portion of the tree usually on the main trunk

Whose Responsibility Is It?

The responsibility falls to the homeowner to maintain a safe environment for their home and family. Providing this starts with the care and preventive maintenance of all trees on the property. Anticipating these safety needs is important. Danger Tree Assessments can assist in determining possible problems.

Trees are vital to our natural world. They offer extensive benefits to the health of the environment. Ignoring the dangers of a hazardous tree on the property makes it a liability, a Hazard Tree Assessment can alleviate the worry. Injury and damage to people and property can be avoided with proper care and maintenance.

With the assistance of a professional Hazard Tree Assessment team, situations that may present a risk to the home and its family will be identified. Danger Tree Assessments team will be able to suggest solutions to avoid any safety hazards and extend the tree’s life. All trees are capable of failing, but with proper care, a hazardous fall can be prevented.

Cascade Tree Works: Hazard Tree Assessment Checklist

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