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Vancouver Tree Stump Removal Services

Cascade Tree Works is your local Vancouver Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Specialist. Fill out our form for a free estimate or give us a call at (360) 718-7108 to schedule your stump removal today.

Leftover tree stumps can be both safety hazards and an eyesore. Simply removing or grinding a stump can elevate the look of a yard and create more landscaping or property development options for a homeowner or property manager.

  • Common hazards from leftover tree stumps include:
  • Tripping risk
  • Hindering home or landscaping upgrades
  • Attracting pests like ants and wood boring insects
  • Disease spread (from a tree that had to be removed due to disease)
  • Continued suckering
  • Unsightly landscaping
  • Damaged lawn equipment

A DIY removal often causes damage to the surrounding landscape or injury to the DIYer. That’s why it’s important to hire the professionals to perform a clean and complete stump removal. This task requires specialized equipment and in-depth knowledge to ensure it is done right, the first time.

Here at Cascade Tree Works, we pride ourselves in always offering competitive prices for all of our stump removal and stump grinding services. Our employees specialize in complete tree stump removal, so you know you are hiring professionals with the credentials to back them up.

Improve your yard’s overall look and safety today. Call Cascade Tree Works to schedule your stump removal and grinding service. We proudly serve South Washington cities including Vancouver, Battle Ground, Salmon Creek, Woodland, and LaCenter.

Complete Stump Removal

Cascade Tree Works is your resource for Stump Grinding in the Vancouver Metro Area.

Professional stump removal is the safe and green option. Many DIYers purchase damaging chemicals to expedite the rotting process or they burn the stump. While both options leave you with a stump-free yard, they will also damage the surrounding landscape. Additionally, chemical stump removers can harm local wildlife, pets, and anyone who encounters the stump for several weeks.

Here at Cascade Tree Works, we utilize one of the two most common stump removal options: either stump grinding or digging the stump up. Both techniques are effective; however, stump grinding is most commonly used to minimize damage to the landscape.

Standard Stump Removal Process

If you have a stump taking up precious yard space in your landscape, you understand the frustration of navigating around a dead tree stump and know that it’s time to get it removed. Fortunately, if your home or property has at least a 36.5″ opening which provides access to the stump, our team can employ the standard stump removal process. This is done with a stump grinder and causes a minimal impact on the surrounding landscape.

What We Do When Access is Limited

Every property is different and has varying types of yard or landscape access. When this access is limited or the stump is very close to an obstacle like a utility or free-standing structure, we have to employ a more difficult method of grinding. We will evaluate your particular situation to provide an effective stump grinding solution.

Professional Removal

It is important to hire a professional stump grinding company like ours here at Cascade Tree Works because a DIY stump removal can become dangerous – fast. You should not attempt to remove a tree stump by yourself if you are not familiar with the handling of this specialist equipment. Additionally, don’t use a stump grinder or try to dig up or burn out a stump if you aren’t sure if you have utilities nearby (such as an underground utility that may be running next to the stump).

Our team of professionals has a standard checklist we go through to ensure a stump grinder can be safely used – and we never use harmful chemicals or burn your stump. Our goal is to get your stump removed safely, with the minimum of impact to the surrounding landscape.

Landscape Benefits

Letting a stump rot in your landscape means you are not taking advantage of all of the benefits it can provide in the form of mulch. When we remove your stump, we shred it into wood chips which can be used to mulch other parts of your landscape – or we can remove them. Additionally, our team is happy to grind the stump to replanting depth, so you can replace a beloved tree with a new one and give it the opportunity to thrive.


Connect with Cascade Tree Works for professional stump grinding and removal services. We will remove the tree stump with minimal impact to your landscaping and surrounding property.

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“Cascade Tree Works did a very fine job removing two street trees and grinding away the stumps at our home. They arrived as scheduled, performed professionally, and the cost was relatively modest. As a result of this experience, I would highly recommend these folks, all day long!”
James O.

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Stump Grinding Cost

Cascade Tree Works is your resource for Stump Removal in the Vancouver Metro Area.

At Cascade Tree Works, we are proud to offer competitive prices for stump removal services. We have standard pricing, but there are a number of variations that we consider when providing a full estimate. Be sure to contact us to get a free estimate which takes every aspect of your property and tree stump into account.

Stump Removal Cost

Pricing is calculated per inch, with a $140 minimum for all stump grinding jobs.

Additional costs to consider:

  • Discounts may be available for more than one stump.
  • $10.00 for each broken tooth on stump grinder.
  • Stump grinding cleanup.
  • Obstructions, difficult access, and steep terrain.
  • Excessively large roots.
  • Finally, an underground service locate is required if your stumps are in a parking strip, front or side yard, or you suspect underground facilities in the area. Just call 811 or contact our office to discover how to take advantage of free locator services.

Cascade Tree Works is happy to provide you with a free estimate for your project. Please give us a call at (360) 718-7108 or request an estimate online to get started.

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Providing Quality Service

At Cascade Tree Works, we pride ourselves in providing every customer with a standard of service that is second to none. Take advantage of our stump grinding and removal services if you are hoping to:

  • Build a home addition
  • Upgrade your landscape
  • Build a free-standing structure
  • Install a walkway or driveway
  • Improve the safety of your home or building
  • Complete a lot clearing project
  • Plant a new tree

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